Steam Train (WIP)


Posted by Mad Violinist | Posted in 3ds Max | Posted on 14-02-2010

This is my current long term work in progress (wip). I wanted to model a steam train, it’ll probably take about 2 months to finish this in my spare time. I’ll make other smaller things from time to time, but this is a long term background project.

I found these blueprints below, which is of a steam train with a very interesting shape. It is a steam train made by the now defunct Baldwin locomotive company.


I found some reference photos at Google Images of other Baldwin trains, different models, but close design. It’s not always easy to see what things are in the blueprints, reference photos are essential. For things I can’t see from the reference photos, I’ll just have to make up.

Here are some reference images I found. Click on them for larger size:






And below is what I have done so far:





What I have done so far is just start blocking out the main shape of the train. Once I have got all the main parts blocked out, I’ll go over it and refine it with all the bolts and hoses and all the other details. That’ll take a while, then will come the texturing using photos to make it look like real iron and steel.

When the engine is finally finished, I then have to make the coal cart. 🙂

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Nice looking project, i hope it works out well for you!

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